A few weeks ago I wrote my first article on my journey to Machine Learning and Deep Learning.

My second article is about a demo I created using Oracle Machine Learning for Python (OML4Py). OML4Py delivers scalable machine learning functionality inside Oracle Autonomous Database that is a converged database that supports Spatial data, JSON, IoT, in-memory technologies for real-time analytics, and of course, traditional relational data. A Converged Database can run all sorts of workloads from IoT to Blockchain to Analytics and Machine Learning.

I used a dataset from Kaggle : Housing Prices Competition for Kaggle Learn Users. Each entry…

Last week, every day I woke up at 3:45am. Not because I was an insomniac but because I had an appointment at 4:00am for one of the most interesting classes of my career, on a subject that I have been passionate about for the past year. It had been a while since I had taken such a motivating course. It’s a nice feeling to learn something new. This course was “Implement Machine Learning for Data Science using Python” (Oracle University).

This is not only about My journey but that’s could be Your journey or Your next journey.

The picture above…

Ludovic Dessemon

Enterprise Cloud Strategist, Oracle Canada

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